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LSS Chart for SketchUp

The LSS Chart extension allows generate conventional bar and pie charts and some more advanced chart types as well right in a SketchUp model.

The extension is distributed through Extension Warehouse only, and the license can be obtained through the E-commerce platform of Extension Warehouse. The E-commerce platform utilizes the 'try before you buy' scheme, so there is a trial period available when you can evaluate the LSS Chart extension for free in order to decide whether to buy it or not.

Note that the extension itself has the detailed Help System included into its installation bundle, so you may continue learning the features of the extension at any time, even off-line. In addition to that, the LSS Chart extension displays the content of the Help System related to the basic tools within SketchUp's "Instructor" window - the same way SketchUp itself does it for its native tools.

Features Overview


The extension allows to create the following chart types:


It is possible to rebuild manually edited objects (i.e. those edited with the native SketchUp tools) and to change parameters of selected objects that were previously created using the tools of the LSS Chart extension.


The extension allows attaching text labels with identification information in a batch manner.

Useful Features