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LSS Arch for SketchUp

LSS Arch Project

The LSS Arch extension allows to draw, edit and list basic building elements, such as walls, columns, slabs, etc.

The extension is distributed through Extension Warehouse only, and the license can be obtained through the E-commerce platform of Extension Warehouse. The E-commerce platform utilizes the 'try before you buy' scheme, so there is a trial period available when you can evaluate the LSS Arch extension for free in order to decide whether to buy it or not.

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Visit the LSS Arch page at Extension Warehouse >>


LSS Arch Lite for SketchUp

LSS Arch Lite Project

The simplified version of the LSS Arch extension called LSS Arch Lite was introduced in March 2016. It allows to model basic elements like walls, slabs, columns, beams, etc. This is a reliable solution for small practices and individual architects.

Learn more about the LSS Arch Lite project >>

Visit the LSS Arch Lite page at Extension Warehouse >>