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LSS Arch Lite 1.4.0

Version 1.4 of LSS Arch Lite went live on Extension Warehouse

The main purpose of this minor update is to make LSS Arch Lite compatible with a most recent version of SketchUp (ver. 2019 at the moment). The point is that version of Ruby in SketchUp 2019 was updated to 2.5 that's why it was necessary to revise and update some Ruby scripts in order to make them compatible with a new version of Ruby.

In addition to that some new features were added:

  • new experimental option is added to a slope object, it allows to create hipped roofs
  • new command called "Find and Erase Duplicates" added to a context menu of SketchUp

All new features were introduced a bit earlier in a full version as well as some other fixes.

Here is a link to LSS Arch Lite page on Extension Warehouse.

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