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LSS Arch Lite 1.3.0

Version 1.3 of LSS Arch Lite went live on Extension Warehouse

This update contains the following new features:

  • "Distance Tolerance" option is added to "Properties" dialog; this option affects selection of similar objects: set a value greater than a zero in order select objects with similar (not only exactly matching) dimensions
  • ability to apply a chamfer or a fillet to an object's contour is added: chamfer/fillet can be applied both globally to all contour's nodal points (by setting of a chamfer/fillet radius and segments count attributes in a tool dialog or 'Properties' dialog) and for each certain nodal point individually (by right-clicking a point while tool is active and choosing "Chamfer/Fillet/Edge" from tool's context menu)
  • ability to set top and/or bottom chamfer/fillet for such objects like wall, slab, slope, thick face is added
  • ability to set start and/or end chamfer/fillet for a beam object is added
  • new contex menu command called "Chamfer/Fillet/Edge" added to all tools (it allows to set chamfer/fillet radius and segments count individually for any certain nodal point of an object's contour)

Chamfer/fillet features were copied from a full version of LSS Arch. "Distance Tolerance" is a brand new feature, which is not yet implemented in a full version.

Visit extension's page on Extension Warehouse.

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