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LSS Arch Lite 1.2.2

Minor update of LSS Arch Lite went live on Extension Warehouse

Update Overview

LSS Arch Lite page at Extension Warehouse.

This update contains mostly new features, which were introduced in a full version of LSS Arch recently. Also some tools and features were added from full to lite version, because they are essential for modeling/drawing and it was decided that they should be provided in both versions. And what is the most interesting is that current update of lite version contains some features, which are not even present in a full version.

New Features

  • ability to pick a custom component to be inserted into an opening object is added
  • new context menu item called "Find and Convert Openings" is added (this command scans contents of an object, finds components, which are glued to faces, which represent object's body, then converts such components into LSS Arch openings)
  • level marks tool (added from a full version)
  • layers dialog (added from a full version)
  • edit section fill tool and fill/refill section command (added from a full version)
  • ability to model corner openings inside wall objects is implemented (i.e. openings, which follow wall's surface)
  • new option called "Same Attribute" added to "Properties" dialog (it allows to select objects similar to an already selected one more precisely)
  • auto-annotation feature added to objects
  • ability to perform basic arithmetic operations (like "+", "-", "*", "/") is implemented values entered using VCB, while hovering over adjustment points (i.e. it is possible for example to offset an opening 300mm left or right just by typing "+300" or "-300" and hitting Enter while hovering over opening's insertion point)
  • now it is possible to set curved segments count individually for any segment of object's contour by hovering over segment's middle grip and typing segments count prefixed with "=" sign (using SketchUp VCB)
  • "Display dialog on tool launch" setting added to global settings
  • "Deactivate tool on dialog close" setting added to global settings
  • new item called "Display Tool Dialog" added to a tool's context menu (it is useful in case if some of mentioned above settings is unchecked so tool dialog is closed, while tool itself is active)
  • ability to turn on displaying of object dimensions while tool is active is added
  • ability to lock offset of opening's left edge from a wall's segment starting point is implemented (enter offset value from keyboard using VCB, while "cut opening" mode is active, to temporarily lock opening offset)
  • ability to move existing opening inside a wall object by typing new offset of opening's left edge from a wall's segment starting point while hovering over opening's insertion point is added
  • new tool context menu item called "Toggle Node Smoothing" added (allows to switch smoothing of object's geometry linked to a particular nodal point)
  • new command "Update Section Fill" is added to LSS Arch sub-menu of SketchUp's context menu (it appears when filled section group is selected and allows to refresh filled section to match changes of a model)

First two new features are available in a lite version only at the moment. It is an attempt to handle components, which represent openings (doors/windows) and which were created using third party extensions or manually using native SketchUp tools. Implementation of this new functionality has interesting side effect: it allows to insert any components into an any LSS Arch object. For example it is possible to insert some custom column top into a column object. It is possible to enable gluing behavior for such custom component, so it will be always glued to a column's top face regardless of column's height changes.

Level marks tool, layers dialog and section fill tool were added from a full version, because it was decided that basic annotation capabilities and control over LSS Arch layers should be available in both versions.

Other new features were introduced recently in a full version and were copied in a lite version as well as numerous fixes. Read "What's New" chapter of extension's Help System to learn more about fixes and subtle changes in extension's behavior.


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