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LSS Arch 1.9

Minor update of LSS Arch went live. Read more about its new features and capabilities.

LSS Arch 1.9.3

LSS Arch 1.9.3 went live today on Extension Warehouse.

Here are the most interesting new features introduced in this version:

  • auto-annotation capabilities
  • corner openings
  • Chronolux tool (for sun study and SVF calculations)


This feature allows to add some graphical annotations and dimensions to LSS Arch objects automatically. For example it is possible to add axes marks for a grid object, linear dimensions for walls, beams etc, gradient direction for slope objects and so on.

Corner Openings

This new feature doesn't meat that some new type of object was introduced. The existing opening object became enhanced instead, so now it "follows" a surface of wall. When an opening is inserted near a corner it becomes a "corner opening". In case if a wall has curved surface, opening object fits in it.

Chronolux Tool

Use this tool to perform sun studies and SVF calculations. SVF (sky view factor) is the extent of sky observed from a point as a proportion of the total possible sky hemisphere.

Demo Video

Take a look at a small demonstration of new features.

Learn more about LSS Arch project.

Visit extension's page at Extension Warehouse.

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